Many in So. Asia are facing starvation and extreme poverty on the heals of COVID.  Day laborers, house or street cleaners and the poor face the decision of who to feed in their family.  Unable to feed everyone they must decide who is the "most important."  Dad as he is the wage earner, mom as she makes meals, cares for the family or lastly the children.  Poor girl children are especially vulnerable to become the victims of modern day slavery as their parents believe the lies of the men coming to "help by finding her a job in the city." 

Lady care is working with several partnership organizations across So. Asia to provide food, sanitation products including hand sanitizer and soap.  But we need your help, the need is great.  Please help us feed Sheliah (name changed)  woman pictured here digging through trash to find a morsel of food.  Join our campaign today, your $10 (USD) will buy a family kit:    3 kg of rice, 3 kg wheat flour, oil (1/2 kg), salt, massala, bath soap and washing soap.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

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