• Restoring, edifying, and empowering women

    Across North Africa, the Middle East,
    and the Indian Subcontinent


Restoring Lives

Lady Care is a ministry of restoration that works to equip and empower women in North Africa, the middle east and the Indian subcontinent. Over the past 16 years we have impacted over 3000 lives by helping women achieve education and increase their self-worth. We aim to achieve positive social change and improve infant and maternal mortality and economic development through education and empowerment.

We go into remote areas, schools and women’s groups to provide limited healthcare, education and crisis intervention counseling. We teach women and their families about basic hygiene, nutrition and female health, giving them tools to thrive in every situation. Lady Care helps women to understand their value in the community and to edify their lives and of their families through education and guidance. Our success is based on increased knowledge, sense of value, change of health habits, and retention rate of materials taught.

"It was our great privilege to have you in our village. Many people appreciated your information. You are a blessing to women."