About Us

Who We Are:

paula1Lady Care began as a dream of Paula Grimsley (Founder) in the late 1980’s and became a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation in 2003. During her childhood Paula lived overseas; the experience would leave an indelible impression on her heart for less fortunate women. As an adult, Paula trained as a nurse and, in 1990, she received additional training as a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner and participated in the founding of several crisis pregnancy centers.

Paula’s dream to help women experiencing trauma from spousal abuse, unplanned pregnancy, post-abortion stress and grief, and trafficking is now being realized.

What we do:

Provide instruction and counsel in healthy coping skills to handle crises such as an unplanned pregnancy, abortion regret, and pregnancy loss, with minimal damage to the woman’s health or self image. 

Provide education in childbirth techniques, the need for prenatal/post-partum care, labor support and parenting classes.  .  

Teach clients how to improve health and general well being through hygiene and nutrition; improving the health of families in Asia. 

Teach sexual integrity, women’s issues, to women throughout these nations. .

To offer counsel to women who suffered spousal abuse or trafficking trauma.

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